Ready cooked meals delivered to your door UK as an ecological solution. True or myth?

Many opponents of food box catering accuse them of producing a lot of plastic while forgetting the significant savings that caterers make in their daily operations.  Utility consumption, carbon footprint, waste… On these issues, ready-cooked meals delivery fare much better than individual consumer decisions and self-prepared meals. So we decided to gather some facts to broaden the perspective in the environmental discussion.

  1. You don’t go shopping

When you don’t use ready-to-eat diet plans – you have to go grocery shopping every few days. The more extensive your grocery list, the more quickly you decide to drive. That directly leads to a significant increase in your carbon footprint – the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by your actions. That’s not just more carbon dioxide and nitrates in the atmosphere, but also harmful particulate matter (PM), the main component of smog, one of the biggest enemies of cities.

Box Meal Prep - Slimbox Fit Catering UK
Box Meal Prep – Slimbox Fit Catering UK

On the other hand, in the case of ordering meal online, large quantities of products are bought right away for production, which is also delivered via collective supply chains. With our orders, orders to stores, restaurants, and other points on the city map are transported in one shipment.

  1. You don’t cook and wash

Cooking is great fun, but at the same time, it consumes a lot of utilities. Water, gas, electricity – all these utilities are consumed while preparing your favorite meal. Imagine the average consumption of utilities of a catering company cooking for 100 people at once and 100 people cooking each just for themselves. As you can easily guess, there is a huge disparity here. The same goes for washing dishes after a successful meal and the discrepancy between diet boxes and individual activities.

  1. You use eco-friendly diet boxes and paper bags

When you decide to have ready-cooked meals delivered to your home UK, you don’t have to do the dishes because you use disposable packaging. More and more companies have introduced eco-friendly food boxes to their offerings, so you are throwing away fully biodegradable and compostable packaging derived from vegetable waste. You also contribute to implementing the zero waste philosophy, i.e., lossless production, in which each “reject” gets a new life and purpose. Additionally, an obvious standard for many years is paper bags, which are much more environmentally friendly and can be successfully used again (whether for shopping or storage).

  1. You are not shopping in bulk and choosing bulk packaging

Individual purchases are often piles of plastic bags, which we carry out of the store unintentionally, and small packages of food (e.g., 1 liter of milk, 500g of butter, etc.) Slimbox catering, on the other hand, order their products in bulk and much larger packages. It isn’t easy to get a twenty-kilogram sack of rice or a ten-liter can of milk in an ordinary store. We buy spices in bags of 1-5 kg, not in sachets of 100 grams. All this means that by cooking for many people simultaneously, we use much less packaging, thus producing much less waste per consumer.

Many of these arguments did not come to your mind, right? Or maybe we forgot something, and we should pay attention to it more? We would love to hear your point of view! Please write to us and let us know in the comments. We wish you health!


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