Vegetarian Meal Plan was designed for our vegetarian customers.
Meat and fish were excluded from the menu and replaced
with legumes and dairy products to balance this meal plan.

Vegetarian Meal Plan:

We deliver our meal plans daily after 4PM onwards. You will receive your dedicated time slot by text message. Delivery for a Saturday and Sunday will be delivered on Friday evening.

  • For 5 days and 20 days meal plans your meals will be delivered from Sunday to Thursday
  • For 6 days and 24 days meal plans you will receive delivery from Sunday to Friday
  • For 7 days and 28 days meal plans you will receive delivery from Sunday to Friday
  • 15% Protein, 35% Fat, 50% Carbs
  • Balanced meals

All 3 variants contains 5 meals – Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dessert with NO ADDED SUGAR and Dinner

  • 1500 kcal (5 meals)
  • 1800 kcal (5 meals)
  • 2000 kcal (5 meals)

How many calories do I need?

If you don’t know which meal plan is right for you, contact our team.


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    An additional delivery fee will be charged outside of Greater Manchester

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    BREAKFAST: Sweetcorn Pancakes, Smoked salmon Paste

    BRUNCH: Cream of Roasted Pumpkin Soup, Sour Cream, Pumpkin seeds

    LUNCH: Lentil Goulash with Bulgur Wheat and Honey Glaze Carrots

    SNACK: Fit Brownie with Mango Mousse

    DINNER: Basil Pesto Penne, Mozzarella


    BREAKFAST: Chocolate Granola, Apple with Cinamon, Skyr Yogurt, Pistachios

    BRUNCH: Cream of Mushrooms Soup, Croutons.

    LUNCH: Basmati Rice, Tofu Green Thai Curry

    SNACK: White Chocolate Cheesecake with Strawberries Jelly

    DINNER: Soy Goujons with Chips, Garden Salad and Creamy Herbs Dressing


    BREAKFAST: Bagels with Soft cheese, Caramelized Red Onions, Radish, Rocket

    BRUNCH: Spiced Persimmon Smoothie

    LUNCH: Gnocchi with Soy protein Stroganoff

    SNACK: NY Cheesecakes, Lemon Curd

    DINNER: Rice, Tofu General Tso, Tender - Steam Broccoli


    BREAKFAST:  In American style - Maple Syrup Pancakes with Fried Eggs and Bacon

    BRUNCH: Roasted Cauliflower Salad, Pomegranate with Tahini Dressing

    LUNCH: Quorn Gyros, Garlic dressing

    SNACK: Fit tiramisu

    DINNER: Mexican Jack Fruit, Red Rice and Corn Salsa


    BREAKFAST: Chocolate Muffins with Peanut butter and jelly

    BRUNCH: Beetroot Burgers, Hummus

    LUNCH: Tofu with Coconut Rice and Lime, Coriander Gremolata, Green Vegetables

    SNACK: Strawberries and blackberry smoothie

    DINNER: Mushrooms Ravioli with Creamy Truffles Sauce   


    BREAKFAST: Beans and Cheese Tortilla Wrap

    BRUNCH: Stracciatella and Banana Protein Smoothie

    LUNCH: Vege Keftedes with Tomato Sauce, Spaghetti tzatziki

    SNACK: Fit Reeses tart

    DINNER: Mash Potatoes, Soy Couq Au Vin, Gherkins Salad 


    BREAKFAST: Vanilla Rice Pudding with Blueberries and Almonds

    BRUNCH: Broccoli Cream Soup with Sunflower Seeds and Cheddar Cheese

    LUNCH: Roasted Potatoes, Jerk Halloumi

    SNACK: Banoffee cookies

    DINNER: Udon Noodles with Tofu Teriyaki

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