Meal Plan prepared for children in such a way as to provide everything needed for the proper functioning during the day. Perfect for parents who are busy with their duties and want best for their kids !

Kids Meal Plan:

We deliver our meal plans daily after 4PM onwards. You will receive your dedicated time slot by text message. Delivery for a Saturday and Sunday will be delivered on Friday evening.

  • For 5 days and 20 days meal plans your meals will be delivered from Sunday to Thursday
  • For 6 days and 24 days meal plans you will receive delivery from Sunday to Friday
  • For 7 days and 28 days meal plans you will receive delivery from Sunday to Friday

This variant contains 3 meals – Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch + COLD PRESSED JUICE

  • 1500 kcal (3 meals)

Kids Meals

  • An additional delivery fee will be charged outside of Greater Manchester

    • £


    BREAKFAST: Sweetcorn Pancakes, Smoked salmon Paste

    BRUNCH: Cream of Roasted Pumpkin Soup, Sour Cream, Pumpkin seeds

    LUNCH: Beef Goulash with Bulgur Wheat and Honey Glaze Carrots

    SNACK: Fit Brownie with Mango Mousse

    DINNER: Basil Pesto Penne, Mozzarella


    BREAKFAST: Chocolate Granola, Apple with Cinamon, Skyr Yogurt, Pistachios

    BRUNCH: Cream of Mushrooms Soup, Croutons.

    LUNCH: Basmati Rice, Chicken Green Thai Curry

    SNACK: White Chocolate Cheesecake with Strawberries Jelly

    DINNER: Chicken Goujons with Chips, Garden Salad and Creamy Herbs Dressing


    BREAKFAST: Bagels with Soft cheese, Caramelized Red Onions, Radish, Rocket

    BRUNCH: Spiced Persimmon Smoothie

    LUNCH: Gnocchi with Beef Stroganoff

    SNACK: NY Cheesecakes, Lemon Curd

    DINNER: Rice, Chicken General Tso, Tender - Steam Broccoli


    BREAKFAST:  In American style - Maple Syrup Pancakes with Fried Eggs and Bacon

    BRUNCH: Roasted Cauliflower Salad, Pomegranate with Tahini Dressing

    LUNCH: Chicken Gyros, Garlic dressing

    SNACK: Fit tiramisu

    DINNER: Mexican Chicken Thighs, Red Rice and Corn Salsa


    BREAKFAST: Chocolate Muffins with Peanut butter and jelly

    BRUNCH: Beetroot Burgers, Hummus

    LUNCH: Cod with Coconut Rice and Lime, Coriander Gremolata, Green Vegetables

    SNACK: Strawberries and blackberry smoothie

    DINNER: Mushrooms and Chicken Ravioli with Creamy Truffles Sauce   


    BREAKFAST: Tuna and Cheese Tortilla Wrap

    BRUNCH: Stracciatella and Banana Protein Smoothie

    LUNCH: Keftedes with Tomato Sauce, Spaghetti tzatziki

    SNACK: Fit Reeses tart

    DINNER: Mash Potatoes, Chicken Couq Au Vin, Gherkins Salad 


    BREAKFAST: Vanilla Rice Pudding with Blueberries and Almonds

    BRUNCH: Broccoli Cream Soup with Sunflower Seeds and Cheddar Cheese

    LUNCH: Roasted Potatoes, Jerk Chicken 

    SNACK: Banoffee cookies

    DINNER: Udon Noodles with Beef Teriyaki

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