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SlimBox – Fit Catering specialize in healthy office meals and delivering them straight to your office or wherever you need, it is ideal for people who want to take care of themselves but do not have time to cook.
Let us prepare healthy, fresh and tasty meals that will take care of your body, mind and provide energy throughout the day, we will help you achieve your goal.

Everyday delivery in Greater Manchester
or 3 times a week outside Greater Manchester​

If you are not sure which diet is suitable for you, contact our team.

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Fit Office is a set of three or four different, balanced meals; occurs in two variants:

  • Second breakfast, lunch, dinner or
  • Second breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner.

Each of them is available in 3 options of kcal.

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We will not be taking any orders for the next couple of weeks due to relocation
Please stay tuned for the updates!

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